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Welcome to Milk Lactation Products

Milk Lactation Products has been developed to provide a helping hand to all pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. Whether it’s consuming collagen to support your growing baby, increasing your breast milk supply, helping your body to produce and bring in colostrum for the first time during birth, consuming crucial nutrients, or just enjoying a guilt-free snack that’s been specially formulated for mom and baby, we strive to enhance your motherhood experience every (baby) step of the way.

Meet Our Founder

 I’m Naomi, mom of two gorgeous boys: Emmett (aka the big blue-eyed heart thief) and Keon (aka the happiest little red head on planet Earth).

I am a qualified Civil Engineer that now get to spend my day running after my two toddlers and (mostly while) helping other moms ensure a strong breastfeeding foundation (mind the pun) from the very first latch or re-establishing their breast milk supply to reach their breastfeeding milestones.

I have a passion for creating solutions and fell in love with helping firstly myself and now other mothers too. When returning to work after maternity leave, I found myself 12 consecutive hours away from Emmett and having to pump 3 times a day in a bathroom stall just so that he could have full bottles the next day. The 3 full bottles became only 2 full bottles after 2 months and eventually I found myself adding cow milk (yes, gasp!) to my breast milk just to fill them up. I mean, what else do you do when you suddenly can’t get more than 10ml out after pumping for 30min? It broke my heart.

I spent every chance I got drinking teas and oats smoothies, trying everything that I could get my hands on to help me just get half of what my baby boy needs tomorrow. I would have settled for just half. Little to no results. Again.

I knew exactly what I needed. I needed something like a breakfast bar – no pills or shakes or countless cups of tea – just a bar that I can have for breakfast on my way to the office that will help me fill the bottles again. Where do I get it? No idea (yet).

As far as food sensitivities go, Emmett took the crown – and the trophy and every single medal. He struggled with his digestion from 1 month to 4 months old. I mean really struggled. That meant no sugar, no caffeine, no beans nor broccoli or any of the common no-no’s for me. So all those Pinterest recipes for lactation cookies drenched in chocolate? Yeah, big no from me. And that’s when I decided that if I manage to make a lactation bar that works, I’m pulling out all the stops to ensure that it ticks every single anti-colic box.

So the countless hours of research and testing began. I tend to over analyse, over think and over design most things in life, and this was definitely going to be one of them. I needed to know why I lost my supply, how your body was created to formulate breast milk and the science behind it to get my supply back. With no broader plans than rescuing my own milk supply, I finally made the miracle batch. 16 bars with 7 galactagogues that created the biggest turning point in my breastfeeding journey. And of course, I overeagerly made some for every single breastfeeding mother that needed that turning point too.

After I found myself making batches upon batches of bars for other mothers, it just dawned on me how many moms, just like myself, really struggled with their breast milk supply. And if I managed to help that small network of mothers already, what’s preventing me from helping thousands of others too?

After approaching a professional team, we spent another year perfecting the lactation bars to the point where I could proudly say that it takes one bar, just ONE a day to turn your milk supply around. It had to be effective, but most importantly, affordable.

After the birth of Milk Lactation Products, and learning so much about breastfeeding and how miraculously we are made to provide for our little ones, I simply just fell in love with the whole process. The more moms I am able to impact and help, the more and more my being wants to reach out and help others mother too. And that’s just what I plan to do. The natural, over engineered way.

If you want to read more about Milk Lactation Products or are interested about the science behind our lactation bars, visit our about page:

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