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15x Blueberry & Dark Chocolate Collagen Bars

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Blueberry & Dark Chocolate Collagen Bars

Formulated to support your pregnancy journey, it’s high in Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Folate and Vit C to assist with the additional nutritional needs during these 9 months. Each bar contains 6g of protein to assist with healthy foetal development without depriving the mother. The added Type I and III hydrolysed collagen peptides supports:

-healthy bone and cartilage formation

-healthy hair, skin and nail formation for both mom and her developing baby

Pregnancy support:

- supports joint health to carry the additional weight

- supports skin elasticity and helps reduce stretch marks

- supports thyroid health

- supports a healthy metabolism and regulate blood sugar

Postpartum support:

- Helps rebuild tissue in order for the pelvic floor, abdominal muscles and uterus to heal

- Helps with hair loss

- Supports healthy skin and stretch marks

- Supports a healthy metabolism and regulate blood sugar

As collagen is the most abundant protein in every ones body, its health benefits extends to all chapters in your life, making it the perfect snack for healthy lifestyle support.

Sold in a box of 15x bars.

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